We offer a range of services for your car, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


There are many benefits to having your car serviced regularly. Here are some of other reasons why you should get your car serviced.

Included Reduction of engine wear as a result of a regular oil change and oil filter change
Included Helps to improve the car’s economy
Included Maintains the standards of the vehicles brakes and tyres
Included Lowers the chance of a breakdown
Included Maintains the vehicles brakes safety level
Included Resale value increases when sold with a full service history


If you car is three years or older an annual MOT test is required by law. The team at DR Cars can help you with getting your car through it’s MOT:

Included Simply drop your car off at our premises at the appointed time.
Included We will carry out a visual check of the vehicle prior to the MOT. This includes wipers, glasswork and tyres.
Included Your car will be go through the full MOT and you will be informed of the outcome.
Included Should your car fail its MOT, we will advise you of options for repairing the vehicle prior to a re-test.


We offer a full range of warranty options to add to your vehicle to protect it for up to 12 months. Please speak to the team for more details.